Craigslist Rebrand

Craigslist Logo

The Craigslist redesign was also one of the projects I worked on during my apprenticeship at Bloc. The marketplace website that connected buyers and sellers for decades has had little interface update since its inception. With a logo upgrade and some clean up, the marketplace powerhouse could improve its user experience for its existing as well as new customers.

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2 Weeks

  • Research: 3 days
  • Sketching & Iterations: 4 days
  • Branding: 7 days
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Design Roles

Research, Visual Design, Branding

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Pencil & Paper, Figma


Craigslist Current Logo

Founded in 1995, Craigslist was a simple email list with community events and items for sale in the San Fransisco Bay area. Since then, it has grown into a company with 50 employees that generates about 1 billion dollars in revenue annually by charging small fees to post apartment ads and job openings. Although it's interface has a 90's feel, Craigslist has been a leader with high traffic that enables it to successfully compete in todays market.


Project Parameter

I was assigned to brainstorm ideas to rebrand Craigslist, specifically sketching ideas to redesign its logo, make vector-based refinements and defend redesign decisions.


Craigslist lacks modern 21st century design and asthetics.


Construct a brand guideline with new interface elements including logo, typography, and color palette.

Craigslist New Logo


After spending some time studying the website, I learned that even though the information architecture was outdated, ads are easy to locate and the site overall is easy to navigate around. With this in mind, I knew that I needed to focus on carefully revamping interface elements without losing site of the problem definition. With my breif research and knowledge of how Craigslist came about, I sketched out rough concepts and shared my ideas with design professionals. Once I received feedback from design professionals on my idea for solution, I reiterated and compiled my refined files to develop a styleguide.

Mind map
mind map

The handshake logo is designed to make the site memorable, approachable and professional while symbolizing a mutual agreement as a result of a Craigslist transaction. Although a drastic alteration from the current peace symbol, I beleive that the handshake is more suitable due to the changes that the company is currently experiencing. One is the pressure that it has been facing with frauds and crimes initiated through the site and another being changes in the law that resulted in the removal certain ads like the personal and dating sections. Thus, it is an excellent time for Craigslist to clean up its look for a more pleasant user experience.

Logo Iterations
handshake logo iterations
Color Palette

With many criticizing Craigslist for the illegal activities that occur on the site, I thought an interface peppered with colors that evoke positive emotions could redefine its image as a company that cares about its users safety.



Recommended Background



Call to Action Buttons



I also decided to replace the Times New Roman font with Gentenium Book Basics to give the brand a fresh and modern look to blend well with the handshake logo.

  • Brand and Complimentary Typeface: Gentenium Book Basic
  • H1 Main Heading: 36px
  • H2 Subheading: 24px
  • H3 Heading: 18px
  • Paragraph Text: 16px
  • Font Styles: Regular


Throughout this project, I learned a great deal about branding and the construction of styleguides. Even though this was a small-scale project, it taught me about the intrecacies of branding a website from brainstorming ideas for the logo, to picking the right typeface and ultimately curating a useful brand guideline for consistent use of brand assets.